Bikram Yoga

Hi Guys!
It’s been a while since my last post.
A weak ago I posted a picture in instagram with the intend to make a healthy eating post… But since I am dealing with some health problems myself I decided I am not the person who should advise anyone how to eat and what’s healthy.
What I can do is to lead you trough my way to get healthy again. And it does starts in your own mind.

Some of you may have heard from Louise Hay- she cured herself from cancer trough positive thinking. I am currently reading her book “The power is within you” and love the idea of being able to control and handle your personal life and health trough controlling your thoughts and mind…which doesn’t mean it’s easy. Similar is the idea behind the book and the film “The Secret”, also a favorite of mine.
If you are interested I can dig some of the book I have read and will make a post on them.

Second method,which has proven itself as a very very very helpful for staying health is Yoga. I started practicing Yoga a year ago, when I was having health problems for a long period. I have always liked Pilates and Yoga, and practiced it from time to time, but not as a hobby and not steady enough. So I bumped at the book for Bikram Yoga, which I read a lot about. People either love it or hate it, at least such are the opinions to be found on the Internet. I decided to try it for myself and was amazed! It may be my belief that Yoga will help me, it may be its healing power, it may be illusion or imagination, fact is while practicing Yoga my health was perfect. Bikram Yoga should be practiced every day, except on Sunday and it takes about hour and a half. Which was the reason I couldn’t manage doing it every single day… And at some point I stopped doing it at all… Yep… Quitting is a bad habit of mine!
Now that my 2013 started with cold and flue and God knows what else I am turning back to Yoga. It may be a little late for NYEs resolutions, but it is never to late to make a promise to yourself you’d take better care of your body and soul.
So I started my day with Yoga. During flues and colds one should do only the standing postures, which take about 30 to 40 minutes. I am so excited about the result. Since Yoga does also helps sleeping better it means I’ll get healthy much sooner!




Wish you a nice day!


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