#pregnancy update

A while back I wrote about my pregnancy and missing the glow. After posting my thoughts (mainly complains) I got guilty conscience. Not only is pregnancy a gift and a blessing, but regardless the downsides it always is something amazing and beautiful. I felt bad, for not being positiv and clear enough how happy i am with the situation.

Meanwhile, well into my third trimester all I can say is – best time of my life! If my back hurts – oh yeah, if I wake up ten times a night – sure, and if I am tired as hell during the day – definitely! (I can go on and on…) But the thing is – I am happy. From the moment you start feeling the little life in you and your bump starts showing out (so people actually see you are pregnant and not just hat too much for breakfast) it starts getting better and better. My body started re-shaping, and even with 15 pounds more on the ribs I like my body more and more as in the beginning. Every morning and every evening when I am applying some oil against stretch marks, I look at my bump and feel overwhelmed. I miss it already! As much as I want that little baby out so I can cuddle, kiss and give it all the love I have, my mom was right – as long as the baby is inside it is all mine, and only mine! Sure daddy likes to feel the kicks, discuss names and being involved but it’s much more different from feeling the own life your bump is leading.

And now rather than spending an absurd amount on a bag, purse, or whatever, I am scrolling trough baby sites and tears fill my eyes when I imagine my baby in the stroller wearing the cutest bear-onesie (but can I also have that absurdly expensive bag too, please?).

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