THE GLOW (what glow???)


If you are following me on instagram chances are you already have heard my big news – I am expecting. With all of my friends and family spread around the world I decided to take on blogging again so I can share this journey with them and also with the moms to be out there.

(If you are not interested in any pregnancy details, you should probably stop reading HERE.)

Half way trough my pregnancy I do had my share and I hopefully won’t scare you out… although hand on my heart – it is pretty crazy!

Long before even planning the baby I was doing my research about pregnancy symptoms and stuff. I was very well prepared…theoretically. I knew about the nausea, the cramps and the spotting, and even how conceiving (should) feel. Fast forward to when I found out the news – I have had only two symptoms, which I led to my PMS, so for me it was a surprise when the second line of the pregnancy test actually showed. I even double-checked the test. I couldn’t believe we were so blessed and didn’t have to try out for a long time, and there I was – pregnant.

Very excited about what is coming next, I registered for some newsletters, downloaded some apps and continued my “research” of what is happening with my body and what is coming up next. Every once in a while I was stumbling upon “the glow”. People were telling me – soon I will have it. And again – I was very well prepared what to expect… theoretically. Nice hair, radiant skin, rainbows and unicorns.

Half way trough my pregnancy I am still waiting for that particular glow to embrace me. Chances are – if it haven’t made an appearance until now, it never will . At one point I watched the film “What to expect when you are expecting” and there I found myself – not the one with the glow, who didn’t put on any weight, who was full of energy, always in a good mood. Nope. I was the other one – short on breath, sleeping every free minute I have, having mood swings, putting on a weight way to fast, going trough puberty again.

First the appetite came, there were days I could not stop eating. At that time i tried to balance my cravings by doing some sports (running, Pilates and Yoga). But soon enough the fatigue made it impossible for me to move an inch more than the necessary. Normally I’d get up right after my alarm goes on, now I started snoozing, even set up my alarm to the latest possible time before I have to throw something on, brush my teeth and run out of the house for work (and believe me, normally I do enjoy my morning routing of getting dressed and ready for the day). I’d somehow manage to make it trough the day and then come home half-dead and go to sleep by earlier than 7 p.m. I literary overslept the second month, no private life, no friends, no family. Only me and my bed! As it wasn’t bad enough I started getting nauseous. I’d get somehow to work, no concentration but nausea. Luckily, by the beginning of the third month the nausea was gone, but – hey, puberty! In my teenage years I was very lucky to have nice skin, no acne, no spots. But now – oh boy! My skin got dry spots, oily areas and pimples – the whole program. My face, my chest, my back! And then the mood swings (Here a big “Thank you for still putting up with me” to my special boy!). Oh dear!

My whole body started transforming pretty quickly, which made me crazy. From one day to the other I wouldn’t fit in my pants. The idea of how I should look in my clothes and the image in the mirror were so different I would burst out in teary. On the one hand – so happy and blessed for being pregnant and on the other hand struggling with the changes. Of course I am supposed to put on weight, of course it is normal to be tired, of course I’d be emotional. But that soon? And at once? Everything was so different from my expectations of the pregnancy glow.

Everything gets better in the second trimester, they say. And this time I didn’t blindly believe the theory, but decided to not have many high expectations. It did get better, but still no glow, no rainbows and unicorns. Meanwhile I learned to cope with pregnancy as it is on the inside – overwhelming, crazy, amazing, scary but also very, very magical! And for the outside I have also managed to create a healthy routine and also change my attitude towards the changes of my body, so I can enjoy my prenatal time.

If you are going trough a pregnancy like mine, where instead of the glow you get skin pigmentations, some pounds on the ribs (and everywhere else) in the early stage, feel like crab and your goal of the day is to make it to the couch – don’t be too hard on yourself. It is as it is, but nevertheless inside of you, a new life is being created, so the most important thing right now is to be healthy and happy and learn to enjoy the journey!

                                                                                                                            *picture over


  • Bianca Deuling

    Congratulations! 🙂

    Dein Post und dein Blog sind wirklich schön! 🙂
    Das Bild gefaellt mir gut!
    Hast du vielleicht ein paar Tipps für Newcomer wie man ein paar Leser gewinnt? 🙂

    Liebe Grüße

    • miafrommars

      Hallo Bianca,

      better late than never – meine Antwort. Vielen Dank für die liebe Worte! Es freut mich sehr, wenn ich die Leute erreichen kann 🙂 Den einzigen guten Tipp, denn ich (auch mir) geben kann ist dran zu bleiben. Der Inhalt ist natürlich auch wichtig, aber eine Regelmäßigkeit der Posts ist sehr entscheidend.

      Liebe Grüße,

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